Learning fashion at LASFAC is simple as

a. an easy learning system

b. becoming an expert in 12 weeks

c. competitive price


Welcome to Lagos school of fashion and creative design, LASFAC.

Imagine being able to create beautiful garments of your own styles the faultless way.

LASFAC is the place that provides instruction, in a refreshingly different way, in all phases of pattern making and fashion design.

Get ready for the ride of your life as we transcend traditional learning boundaries to stimulate your creative imagination and Introduce you to a world of limitless design possibilities.

  • I got first hand exposure to everything I needed to know in the world of fashion,from the basics to advanced and within a short frame of time, I had mastered the art of pattern making and designing. At LASFAC you aren't left alone even after you have all it takes to survive in the world of fashion, I actually got my first client through my teacher(ummAisha), sounds unusual right, That's what you get at LASFAC
    Halimah Sanni
  • A refreshing approach to garment construction that gives you the confidence to take on even the most creative pieces, a wonderful journey to myself discovery " it opened my to discoveries on creativity i never knew i had ..
    Olamide Kolawole of Al- khazhana
    Al- khazhana
  • I was opportuned to be a LASFAC student at an early stage of my fashion career. It was an awesome experience, the tutor are expert and simplified when it comes to the training and practical. The most wonderful things about LASFAC tutor and CEO is that you can always call, go to them and join Ongoing class if you have any difficulty on any aspect of the fashion course. I am delighted to be an ex student of LASFAC
    Temitope Awosanya
May 15, 2018


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May 15, 2018


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