About Us

Situated in Ikeja -the heart of the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos State- LASFAC in the last ten years, evolved into a first class fashion school through pioneering structured and innovative programs and projects that have demystified training and captured the broad scope of fashion design ranging from the basics of pattern-making and design to the more complex areas like merchandising and entrepreneurial skill.

Our methodology, no doubt, has a comparative advantage over other known methods in its freshness and originality; moving away from the status quo as it combines an easy learning system with precise procedures to give beginners a solid foundation and novel insight towards experience and professionalism. This make them an invaluable resource to the industry now and in the future irrespective of evolving TRENDS.

Our graduates get positioned academically and professionally with cutting-edge skills that give them a competitive edge through network development,internship opportunities, and intra-industry collaborations.

The different industry experiences employed by our instructors elevate creativity by familiarizing learners with tools and techniques from across a creative spectrum, and exposing them to real life work situations to help thrive and go a step further in ensuring an enduring environment for continuous learning long after the classroom experience.

LASFAC remain unrivaled in our efforts at developing your full potential and support you in every way possible to achieve your dream of creating exquisitely beautiful dresses that conform to your own unique style, arming you with the skills, confidence and unerring flexibility to interpret the need of a thriving fashion industry.


Our Mission

LASFAC nurtures and inspires creativity , passion and purpose with a groundbreaking approach to fashion design and enterprise that surpasses traditional boundaries to position our graduates competitively for global relevance as well as academic and professional excellence.


Our Vision

To be renown for pioneering in Nigeria innovation with the use of experimental learning, technology and dynamic curriculum to produce forward thinking world class designers.