Sew a Wow Pro (SPro)

Sew a Wow Special
February 2, 2018

Sew a Wow Pro (SPro)

This is a proficiency level course put together for people looking to begin a career in fashion designing with an in-depth coverage of fashion design and enterprise. It is hands-on and thorough , giving students a keen understanding of the concept of fit using pattern making techniques, the ability to put creative ideas to paper and the confidence to interpret designs to meet the needs of their clients with accuracy.


Course Coverage

  1. Basic and Advanced Pattern making for women.( Pattern Drafting and designing, Body shape understudy and styling) ,
  2. Basic Sewing techniques and professional Garment construction for casual dresses, African dresses, evening wears, bridals, jumpsuits, shirts jackets etc.
  3. Pattern drafting for men’s clothing.
  4. Pattern making for Children’s clothing.
  5. Fashion arts and illustration by (Celafrique.)
  6. Introduction to Drapery.
  7. Foundational Fashion business and entrepreneurship.
  8. Internship and collaboration opportunity.


Registration requirements;

No previous knowledge of fashion design required however basic understanding of the English language is a prerequisite.

To qualify for classes, over 60% of tuition needs to be paid upon enrollment
Scholarships and discounts are at the discretion of the management.

FREE KIT ; 1 Textbook, 3 eBooks , french curves ,armhole curve, hip curve , tape measures, tracing wheel, pattern papers, awl, notcher, rulers, pencils, pens, Sewing kit , fabrics and access to wide library of videos.


DURATION; 6 Months

The 6 months is broken down as 3months of academic work and classroom training .
3months is for internship and on job training within the school premises



Monday through Friday 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.


Registration Fee: N5,000                                                                Course Fee: N350, 000

N.B: This covers for tuition, tools, seminars collaborative projects and internship

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