Sew a Wow Special

Sew a Wow Pro (SPro)
February 2, 2018

Sew a Wow Special

This package is special because it offers the option of choice in a large display of short individual courses designed with great flexibility in timing, pricing and duration to meet the training needs of students looking to focus on specific parts of fashion design.

Some of the courses available under Sew a Wow Special are as follows:

  1. Basic pattern making for women
  2. Advanced pattern making for women
  3. Basic pattern making for children
  4. Advanced pattern making for children
  5. Pattern making for men
  6. Basic fashion arts and illustrations
  7. Advanced fashion arts and illustrations
  8. Fashion business
  9. Sewing and garment construction


This courses can be taken as individual programs or a combination two or more programs.

Enrollment for Sew a Wow Special can only be done on consultation.


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